• devices: Cisco ASA, Cisco IOS Security, Sophos UTM, Cisco ACS, Cisco ISE
  • Inhalte und Protokolle:

Secure management in-band / out-of band, SNMP v3 with ACLs, NTP authentication, logging, syslog, HTTPS, SSH, SCP
AAA concepts, RADIUS and TACACS+ technologies, ACS, ISE
802.1X authentication, Dynamic VLAN assignment, mobile device management, Profiling
VPN, GRE, DMVPN, IPsec (IKE, ESP, AH, tunnel mode, transport mode)
Remote access VPN, SSL VPN, AnyConnect
Router Security, Cisco IOS resilient configuration, routing update authentication, control plane policing
Switch Security, DHCP snooping, Dynamic ARP Inspection, port security, storm control
IP source verification, BPDU guard, root guard, loop guard, native VLAN, private VLAN
Firewalls, ACLs, security access policies, security contexts, firewall services, NAT
application filtering, protocol inspection
IPS, inline, promiscuous
Proxies, Blacklisting, URL filtering, malware scanning, URL categorization, application filtering